The stages of the big Kora

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Stage 7: Aben (2270 m) down to Salween (1780 m) and to Chuju (1816 m)

4 hours, 450 meters descending

A hot day (48°C) down to the valley of the Salween, the lowest point of the trek.

Buddhist rock carvings. Some are destroyed.

Some carvings have been destroyed by Chinese army.

Colorful new carvings and paintings.

Glacier river meets the big Salween.

Hike on the road along the Salween.

Wall of a monastery near Chuju.

Mineral springs at the Salween near Chuju.

Fresh spring water directly runs into the dirty Salween.

Camp 7, 1816m in a small shed.
stage 6  
stage 8