Colorful forests, clear sky and cheerful pilgrims

Blue sky, high mountains and forests.

View of Kawa Karpo with fine clouds.

Sunrise at Kawa Karpo summit, as seen from SE.

Steiler Pfad hinab vom Duoka La (4471m).

Fall season is an ideal time for hiking the Kora around Kawa Karpo.

The high passes are free of snow and the air is clear. The deciduous forest are amazingly colorful.

In late September, when harvests have been done, the local Tibetans have time for pilgrimage. At this time one can see whole families, including grandparents and babies on the pilgrimage trek. From far away you can hear their cheerful singing as they walk down the steep Duoka La.


Curious views at the tent.

Youngsters as pilgrims.

Pilgrims on their way up to Duoka La.

Autumn colors. On descent from Duoka La.

Red colored leaves, white lichens and fir trees.

Prayer flags on the Duoka La (4471m).

A holy spring decorated with money.

Tsampa and butter is left for the gods on a pass.

Oak tree with epiphytic ferns and lichens.

Autumn colors: the diversity of trees becomes apparent.

The vegetation zones on the mountain slopes.

Pilgrims on Duoka La in early morning.

Fir trees and bamboo as understorey.

Prayer flags are to be found on any kind of pass.