Hintergrund zu der Tour

The mountain Kawa Karpo (Chinese: MeiliXueShan) is one of the most important sacred mountains in eastern Tibet. Kawa Karpo is part of a larger mountain range with 13 prominent summits. The mountain range has the name Taizi Shisan Feng (Mountain range of the 13 princesses). The highest peak, which is also named after the mountain god Kagebo, is seen as a perfect pyramid from many sides.

An ancient pilgrim route leads around the Kawa Karpo mountain range. It is a strenuous trek usually in 12 days. In June 2008 we decided to do this long walk around the holy mountain.

Kawa Karpo range in thick monsoon clounds. However, the highest peak (a bit to the right) is free of clouds.

The highest peak Kawa Karpo (Meilixueshan, Kagebo) remains an unclimbed peak. Since 1902 different international expeditions have attempted ascending the peak. An attempt of climbing this mountain in 1991 by a Japanese/Chinese expedition ended in a tragedy: all 17 team members were killed in a huge avelanche. Local people in the villages around Kawa Karpo interpret this tragedy as a revenge of the mountain gods to the intruders.
Also the other high peaks of the mountain range, Cogar Laka, Minacimu and Gyalwarignga remain unclimbed until today.