The large south-western glacier of Kawa Karpo

The glacier is a huge block glacier with an amazing layer of gravel on top. The gravel is substrate for trees (poplar trees and sea buckthorn trees). The glacier is an amazing sight!

Wide angle panorama view of the glacier front embedded in gravel.

The steep ice front is seen from far away.

View of the glacier, its river and the gravel layer with trees.

At the mouth of the glacier. Beware of falling rocks!

Ice layers, like sediments.

Tree on the very edge of the glacier.

Glacier front with trees and mountains in the back.

View down from the top of the glacier. Trees in front are on the glacier.

Poplar trees and sea buckthorn grow on the gravel on top of the glacier.

Glacier and a glimpse of the Kawa Karpo summit (6370m).

View into the valley of the glacier (in foggy weather). Trees in the foreground are growing on the gravel layer on the glacier. In the background one can see the 6000+m mountains feeding the glacier.